Mindfulness matters, in learning and in life.

Who I am: I’m a learning experience designer with a background in English and STEM. With over four years of using the ADDIE model to inform my design and development process, I have had the privilege to create thoughtful and high-quality learning experiences in both the public and private spheres as a classroom instructor. 

What I offer: The popular wisdom, "How you do anything is how you do everything,"  rings true for me; I am a lover of nature, an appreciator of small things, and a fond explorer of new horizons. Accordingly, I am committed to bringing natural and immersive experiences to clients. I'm also deeply detail-oriented and always ready for creative challenges that require flexible perspectives.

When I decided to be a learning experience designer: It took me several years to realize that who you are impacts what you do, and how you do it. I made the switch from chemistry to education when I realized that my love of learning aligned perfectly with my personality and skill set. This breakthrough enabled me to earn a Master's in Education and work as a learning experience classroom instructor in the public sector, where I primarily used Bloom's Taxonomy to guide my design, implementation, analysis, and evaluation.

Where I thrive: As someone who has worked extended periods independently and closely with others to craft customized learning experiences for a wide variety of learners, I thrive equally in either space. I love collaborating and learning from SMEs and working in productive, supportive colleague spaces. And, as a self-starter, I retain the same drive and motivation when working independently for long periods at a stretch, such as for a project with a quick turnaround. I also thrive when I receive constructive feedback -- I'm always willing to hear what I can improve upon and learn from someone with different perspectives.

Why I do what I do: Because where there is learning, there is life. I look forward to designing learning experiences with you.

A Little More About Me

"All photographs are self-portraits." 

- Unknown